How to wash alpaca garments: tips to keep them soft and durable.

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Alpaca garments are soft, warm, and durable, but they are also delicate and require special care to maintain their quality over time. Here are some tips for washing your alpaca garments and keeping them soft and durable.

  1. Read the care labels: Before washing any alpaca garment, it's important to read the care labels to know how to wash and dry it. If you're unsure how to care for a particular garment, look for information online or seek advice from a specialist.
  2. Hand wash: The safest way to wash alpaca garments is by hand. Use warm water and a mild detergent for wool or delicate garments. Do not use detergent with bleach, as it can discolor the garment.
  3. Dry properly: After washing an alpaca garment, it's important to dry it properly. Lay it on a towel and gently press to remove excess water. Then lay it flat on a surface and let it air dry. Do not hang the garment, as this can stretch and deform it.
  4. Store properly: When you're not wearing an alpaca garment, store it properly to prevent it from wrinkling or getting damaged. Keep it in a dry and ventilated place, preferably in a breathable fabric bag.
  5. Dry cleaning: If you have a very delicate alpaca garment or one with special embellishments, you may need to take it to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning. Make sure to find a dry cleaner that has experience in caring for alpaca garments.

By following these tips you can keep your alpaca garments soft, warm and durable for a long time. Remember to always read the care labels before washing any garment and if in doubt, look for information online or go to a specialist in the care of wool and delicate garments.

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