Alpaca, a sustainable fiber

Alpaca fiber is now considered a SUSTAINABLE FIBER.

Unlike other fabrics and fibers such as cashmere, alpaca is considered an environmentally friendly fiber by the Natural Resources Defense Council of the United States of America, and this is because alpaca breeding does not harm the environment.

There are several reasons why we can identify alpaca wool as a sustainable fiber, and one of them is that alpacas live amicably with the environment, the Andean forests. These forests are swampy places next to mountains, where alpacas feed on native grasses.

When feeding, the alpacas do not uproot the grasses, so the ecological balance is maintained in a natural way.

Another reason for considering alpacas as a sustainable fiber is that their feet have pads that minimize the weight of the animal and therefore do not cause root damage or soil erosion.

Alpacas are low water consumers, unlike other similar animals, because this causes a reduction of the hydraulic systems where they live.

In summary, alpaca raising is a traditional and millenary activity in the Andean zone that respects the environment.

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