Tradition in the production process

The exploitation of a long experience in the business world of the founders of the company and the know-how of its team in export, design, marketing and administration combine to create a new brand of clothing where the main concern is the user, the customer and meet their needs.

In Mahchi we are committed to tradition in the production process, since all our garments are manufactured in a traditional and handmade way.

High Quality is synonymous with the material we use to manufacture all our garments, the Baby Alpaca, a pure and resistant material, comfortable and light, which sometimes we mix it with other fibers such as silk and other times are 100x100 garments made with this material.

Each one of us at is deeply committed to this wonderful project, we love what we do and we are aware of how important our garments are and the mission and values that come together in our company.

Most fashion brands launch collections with a multitude of new items every year. At Mahchi we start with few products, few but very well thought out, designed and spectacularly executed.

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