Best care of Mahchi alpaca products

The pieces of clothing and accessories made of alpaca and Baby alpaca wool are products that due to their high quality usually last a long time, but it is normal that to keep them as the day they were bought we must perform some special care.

We wash our alpaca garments by hand: To preserve much better the Mahchi´s baby alpaca clothes we have to wash them by hand. This washing should be done with warm water, never hot, so that the fabric is not mistreated and caked. We must always wash the alpaca fiber with cold water and always using a very mild soap.

How is the washing process: In a container with cold water, we pour a little of the soft soap mentioned above and rub very carefully to remove the dirt. Once the dirt disappears, let it soak for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it with cold water again. Do not use bleaching products.

Drying of the alpaca garments: It is necessary to be very careful because in the process of drying the garments they can be deformed or wrinkled. To avoid this, they should be squeezed carefully to remove excess water without twisting or wringing them. We can use a towel to carry out this process, rolling the garment and wringing it out without mistreating it. Never dry alpaca garments in the sun, ALWAYS in the shade.

Ironing: Never iron this type of wool, they are very sensitive materials. Before using the garment or before storing it in the closet, it must be completely dry and carefully folded.

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